Friday, February 19, 2010

Dont' hate me because I'm a monster...

Here are some recent(-ish) creations...very alien inspired. My chief monster tester, Amaryllis, especially liked the 2 eyed guy, though he sold before I could even name him!  The one with the lips is DeeDee, and she has a mate too.  You can see her and her counterpart Dudley, on my etsy page, . 

A flurry of Adoptions!

Well, there has been a lot of activity at the monster adoption agency as of late...kind hearted Johanna (and lovely daughter Sophia) have opened their home to 9 monsters!  I know the monsters will be in good hands, and though the first night was a bit rowdy, Johanna assures me they are now behaving and getting settled in their new home. 

That same evening, Dahlia, one of my youngest patrons, took home Scooter to add to her collection (she already has Mew, a black cat-like creature, and Lola, a beguiling white sweetie with long ears and purple eyes). Scooter should fit right in!